Forced Into Marriage

For many girls, choosing their life partner is not an option.  In fact, 1 in 7 girls worldwide will be forced into marriage before reaching the age of 15. So we decided to bring awareness of this issue by having people experience how it would feel if that choice was taken away from them.

AD: Laura Marie Mariel & Zuheir Kotob

DIRECT MAIL \\ Invitations will be sent to people asking them to attend their own wedding to a complete stranger.

DIRECT MAIL \\ On the back, the invitations will encourage them to visit their wedding registry.

MICRO SITE \\ Registry will ask them to donate the price of wedding items to help Amnesty continue to advocate for this cause. Those who participate will see their signatures added to the "Guestbook" which also serves as the petition.


BILLBOARDS \\  Unlikely celebrity pairs will be congratulated on their nuptials to bring awareness of this issue.

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