PCA Skin_Integrated


8 Weeks to #NoFilter 

In our selfie obsessed culture, everyone wants flawless skin. But we often cover up dark spots with makeup and photo filters. PCA Skin – a leader in skincare – was looking to launch its new Intensive Pigment Eraser, so while at Mirum we pitched this creative campaign. Our approach was simple: showcase the possible transformations when you follow their eight week regimen. Because when you have healthy skin, the only filter you really need is #nofilter.

CCO: Frederic Bonn \\ CD: Jaime Dwyer \\ AD: Unnati Marda


FACEBOOK VIDEO \\ Sponsored post showing face manipulated through filters to reveal product benefit.


FACEBOOK CANVAS \\ Serve as educational tool allowing users to scroll through information to reveal clear skin.


FACEBOOK CHAT BOT \\ Enable customers to ask questions and offer recommendations for their skin care routine.


INSTAGRAM \\ Populate #PCASkinSwatch with transformation videos of varying skin tones.


MOBILE WEBSITE \\ Customers upload their selfies to try various "filters" including the Intensive Pigment Eraser (IPE).


TRADE SHOW DISPLAY \\ Interactive wall allows people to tap on faces to help clear dark spots.