Nissan: Warriors Who Code_Video

Warriors who code

Fewer than 1 in 10 scientists and engineers employed in the US are women of color. 

Nissan is committed to developing technology that moves people by ushering the next generation of innovators. So when Ava DuVernay became the first black woman to direct a big-budget movie with a diverse cast, strong female lead and a focus on STEM, we saw an opportunity. To inspire young women of color to pursue STEM careers, Nissan partnered with Black Girls Code, Disney’s Wrinkle In Time, HP and NASA to host an all-girls hackathon and exclusive movie premiere. The event brought together high school students from across the country as they explored creative ways to use technology to solve some of today’s pressing issues.

The hackathon was live streamed as the girls worked alongside mentors to develop their ideas. Garnering over 6 million views and 61K+ social media engagements.


We highlighted some some of the girls and their amazing stories with a Nissan USA IG takeover.

Wrinkle in time

We discussed the girl's perspectives on the importance of fostering technology and what inspires them to learn and grow in a field historically led by male figures. Then director Ava DuVernay and stars of the film Storm Reid, Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pines and Gugu Mbatha-Raw dropped in to lend words of encouragement in pursuit of the girls' dreams.

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